a [BIM] New World: Navisworks 2011


Navisworks Manage 2011 provides additional tools and tweaks for
day to day users. Having spent the last few months beta testing
the software the following features are my personal favorites:

  • A section tool that have a gizmo for on screen
    manipulation. For previous users, as you are well aware, using
    the section tools proved to be hit or miss type of workflow.
    This was especially true if you were using the section box
    tool. Now Navisworks provides a gizmo you can see and manually
    manipulate on screen. You can use the gizmo to resize the
    section box or section plane. There is also an additional
    Section Plane Settings control bar to allow users to link
    section planes in the view.

  • The addition of a Gantt View tab in the Timeliner tool is
    another welcome feature. Users can now view the linked project
    schedule (MS Project, Primavera and CSV currently supported) in
    the industry recognized Gantt chart format. Users have multiple
    options for display dates (Actual, Planned or Actual vs.
    Planned) and a zoom feature.

Other features to explore in this release are:

  • Batch Utility Export
  • Support for Revit Room objects and properties (via the
  • Import and Export support for the FBX format
  • Consolidated navigation
  • Selection Tree Copy/Paste enhancement

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