Enough with the fools… let’s look at some tools!


CASE Grasshopper tools and workflows to facilitate the
energy analysis process.
While many of the tools from this month’s CASE
showed a lot of promise it may be some
time before we ever see renewed interest in t-squares and
drafting tables.  But April fools aside, certainly readers
of this blog can all agree that information has been at the
core of what we do for a very long time…  the tools for
leveraging it has just evolved into something far more
sophisticated than a red pen (which is still pretty
damn powerful!)
At CASE, we have
continued to build tools that are helping us seize new
opportunities for leveraging building information.  We
build internal tools to help us deliver better services, we
build custom apps that meet a client’s specific needs, and we
build purpose-built workflows for projects.
 Interoperability continues to be a serious process
concern for designers, building performance is a hot topic for
engineers and architects, and computational design continues to
blend together with BIM to blur the perceived lines between
design and production.
Our growing stockpile of custom digital ammunition has helped
us to be agile in our approach and deliver better service to
our AECO clients.  Among the many software…

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