‘HoloBall’ Brings Retrofuristic Pong-Style Action To PS VR On Nov. 22


The PlayStation VR had a stellar lineup of launch titles. From
the intense shooter action of games like
EVE: Valkyrie
, Rigs
, and
to the entrancing experiences such as Rez
and Bound,
there was truly something for everybody. Since then, however,
quality releases have been few and far between.

Luckily that seems to be changing a bit, as
Robinson: The Journey
just released and now the
meets Tron
action of HoloBall is
slated to hit Sony’s flagship virtual reality platform on
November 22nd according to a new
blog post
by the game’s developer, Tree Fortress.

In HoloBall, you battle against an evil rogue A.I. by smacking
a ball back and forth. The A.I. moves around the wall in front
of you to block and bounce the ball back towards you. The
visuals look like Tron, the game plays like a three-dimensional
version of Pong, and everything has a very retrofuturistic,
ominous vibe.

While simple in concept, it’s a great example of how executing
on a central game idea can be enough to propel an experience
forward. HoloBall continues to be one of the most popular HTC
Vive games and is an excellent showcase for VR. Since it takes
a simple concept like Pong, or even just Tennis, and adapts
that to a new immersive medium, it’s easy to pick up and play.
There are no buttons or controls to memorize — you just get up,

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