Christmas Letter 2016 – It is Alive in the Lab


December 2016

Dear Family and Friends:

Stephanie_and_blake The big news for our family is that
Stephanie is getting married. She and
Blake Lerdall are tying the knot in September 2017. My
duties are: propose a toast, attempt a father-daughter
dance, and write a check. I am qualified for only one of
those duties. Actually, Sheryl and I are thrilled as we
think the world of Blake. Stephanie and Blake continue to
live and work in Chicago where the small nuptials will
take place. Stephanie still works in PR for Hyatt, and
Blake manages logistics for Constellation Brands who
distributes alcoholic beverages. And yes, there are
fringe benefits associated with Blake’s job.
Scott_steven Steven completed a semester at ASU but
decided that he missed Texas. So now he’s attending Sam
Houston State University (SHSU) where he’s majoring in
marketing. Sheryl and I are happy that Huntsville is not
far from Houston where he can visit family and New
Braunfels where he can visit his Marine Corps buddies. In
addition to school, Steven’s been doing CrossFit training
to stay in shape. He has a part-time job for the Veterans
Administration helping students with their benefits. He
gets to field crazy phone calls like parents trying to
get benefits for their child who was kicked out of boot
camp because “completing 2-months out of a 4-year
commitment has got to count for something, right?” He’s
looking forward to his upcoming years as an SHSU Bearkat.
Sheryl In Sheryl‘s world, she has returned to
full-time teaching. I guess you should never say never.
After full time in third-grade last year for a teacher on
maternity leave, Sheryl thought she’d return to
occasional substitute teaching. Unfortunately, one of her
teacher friends needed to take the year off on medical
leave, so Sheryl stepped up to the plate to teach
Kindergarten full time this year. This year is a marked
change for the school as Kindergarten is full-day for the
first time ever, and the district has a new…

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