Ricoh Unveils The First Camera Capable of a 24hr 360-Degree Recording


Having even found their way into the presence of the
President of the United States
, Ricoh and their 360-degree
cameras are charging forward with the goal to provide
accessible and functional hardware for the 360-degree format.
Technology is emerging from every direction as the format
grows, but Ricoh is still attempting to stay ahead of
the competition. Announced via press release and making an
appearance at CES 2017 this week, Ricoh has created the first
camera capable of recording and livestreaming 360-degree video
for a full, continuous 24 hours.

Ricoh will be offering the camera only in development kit form
initially, allowing developers the opportunity to create
software that could benefit various industries. This is a smart
way to expose companies to such a new technology and, in
specific use cases, will ease the mind of casual consumers with
a potentially flush software ecosystem when they get their
hands on it.

The development kit for the RICOH R, in addition to 24 hr
continuous recording, will also livestream 360-degree
video in 2k resolution with 30 frames per second for a full 24
hours as well.  Livestreams are output via USB or HDMI,
while recordings are saved on a lightweight micro SD card.
Files are saved as MP4s in H.264 format with an estimated
file size of approximately 120/MB per minute. An AC adapter is
required — the camera does not…

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