2017 Rift Lineup Will Bring the ‘Depth’ of AAA Console/PC Games to VR


The Game
Developer’s Conference
is right around the corner. For
video game creators, both old and new, this means a lot of
sleepless nights excitedly reading over the session list and
carefully planning your trip. For journalists like us it means
the PR wheel has begun turning, trying its best to crush
us with emails, meeting requests, and potential demos.

Among the deluge this morning was a missive from GDC
itself. Inside were several short interviews with some of the
big companies attending the show this year. Included were chats
with Steve Arnold, the head of studios at Oculus. Arnold’s
job is to work with game developers to create top-quality
content for the Oculus Rift VR headset. Most of what Arnold
said in this piece is boilerplate “we’re excited for this
chance to work with developers” GDC-talk. However, a few
lines stood out as being particularly interesting.

Lone Echo from Ready at Dawn Studios.

Lone Echo from Ready at Dawn.

When asked what Oculus’ “big goals” for 2017 are, Arnold

“We want to show the world a glimpse of the future of gaming
and entertainment. Now that hardware is out there, the real
interesting part is to see what developers will make. At this
point, dev kits have been in the wild for a couple years now.
Some studios have started shipping their second or even third

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