How to deploy InfraWorks to your users through a multi-seat standalone deployment



Nearly all Autodesk products can be installed via a deployment.
This holds true for Autodesk InfraWorks, although there are a
few key distinctions about how to create a deployment for
InfraWorks versus some other Autodesk products. Backing up a
little bit — a deployment is an efficient way to install
one or more Autodesk products with a standard configuration on
multiple computers. The files required for installation are
stored on a workstation in the network, in a folder from which
the product can be distributed to all workstations. Typically,
this is a task that a Software Administrator will perform.

The main difference for installing InfraWorks to multiple seats
through a deployment is that InfraWorks does not reach out to a
network license server to determine who is licensed.
Instead, InfraWorks communicates with cloud services to
determine if you are entitled to the product once you log in.
Therefore, to create a deployment of InfraWorks, you must
create a multi-seat standalone deployment that does not connect
to a license server but instead allows you to push an
installation package out to multiple machines. 

(Subscription administrators such as Contract Managers and
Software Coordinators can add or remove users to their
InfraWorks 360 contract using the Autodesk Accounts portal
available through You can
read a blog post I…

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