This VR Game Doubles As A Clean Water Educational Tool – VRScout


Pollutants become monsters in this HTC Vive clean
water educational game.

It seems like there’s been a surge in environmental awareness
VR Content recently, but it’s never been done quite like this.
Non-profit organization Water is Life, known for creative
campaigns including Hashtag Killer and Kenya Bucket List, has
taken activism VR to new heights with brand new game,
Hidden Dangers.

Water is Life teamed up with ad agency Deutsch, game
developer Ntropic + Tactic, and VR studio m ss ng p
eces to create a VR experience that is both educational
and unforgettable. A powerful, three-minute short (below) was
created documenting the process to raise awareness and funds
for the project. Shot on location in Thailand, the film follows
a young girl named Wanjai who lives near the Khao Laem River.
The river is a source of life for Wanjai and her villagers—it
connects them to larger villages and provides water essential
for essential activities like cooking, drinking, and cleaning.
However, the river is often dirty and undrinkable due to the
Hidden Dangers lurking in the water—the very same ones that
Wanjai and her classmates later battle within the VR game.

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