Five Strange, Hilarious, And Downright Terrible Pokemon GO Rip-Offs


They say imitation is the sincerity form of flattery. If that’s
the case then Niantic’s augmented reality hit, Pokemon GO, has
been complimented quite a few times over the past few months.

Few things are certain in the unpredictable app market but, one
thing is for sure: if you make something even remotely
successful, you can bet there’ll be imitators. Pokemon GO might
have used a lot of the bells and whistles of a smartphone, but
it’s still been victim to a flood of copycats, ranging from
totally bizarre to hopelessly blatant.

Just as a warning, though, we don’t recommend you download any
of these apps. They’re mostly broken, lazy shovelware designed
to rake in some quick cash either through hidden in-app
purchases or through adverts.

Monster Ball GOMonster Ball Go


I’ll say this for Playfox Games’ Monster Ball GO: it does at
least make an effort with its imitation. Most of the other
games in this list follow a certain theme or appear to be
rushed, but Playfox has built more of an alternate take on
Niantic’s game with its own set of beasts and even a few
additional game modes. It is far from unique, but certainly the
least-terrible looking entry on this list.

Pixel Monster GO

Pokemon Go Rip Offs (1)

When I came across my first Pixel Pokemon game I thought it
wasn’t actually a bad idea for a rip off. You take a little

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