Google Tango Brings Mobile 3D Photography to Life – UploadVR


If you look at the evolution of capturing the world around us,
it started with painting, then photography, then film and
video. We’ve kept working to get closer and closer to what the
world actually looks like. But the world is three-dimensional,
and so 3D capture is the next big frontier in reflecting our

Until recently, 3D scanning has been limited to professionals
willing to buy expensive hardware and software, and work
through intricate workflows. But 3D capture has become easier
and faster year after year, and is about to reach mass market
as Google makes real-time 3D capture accessible to everyone by
bringing advanced 3D cameras to the next generation of mobile

is an Augmented Reality (AR) computing platform that
enable smartphones and tablets to detect their position
relative to the world around them by using 3D cameras and
odometry. It literally brings human-like vision to
your mobile devices, which can be used for a wide variety of
applications such as AR, mixed reality, indoor navigation,
physical space measurement, and 3D scanning.

The Phab2Pro by Lenovo was the first tango-powered
device to hit the market last year and Asus launched ZenForce AR at CES this year. In just a few months
since the release of the Phab2Pro, several developers have
started building 3D scanning apps with this technology and we

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