Rondo360 Aims To Streamline Audio Tools For VR Videos


A toolset from audio company Dysonics aims to streamline the
process of building highly immersive audio for non-interactive
projects like 360-degree videos.

The new Rondo360 software
toolset compatible with Mac is now available for a free trial
ahead of a $480 annual license (a PC version is planned for a
later release). We tried a version of Dysonics technology
in late 2015
that gave an early sampling of what it is like
to have sound in a 360-degree video project change depending
where you turn your head. In short, it is a massive upgrade and
integral to drawing people into a 360-degree project.

Audio tools for VR have improved considerably over the last
year or so, with Valve recently purchasing a company that
allows it to offer
Steam Audio for free
 to developers creating
interactive experiences. Rondo360 is meant more for the
creators working with 360-degree videos. With a subscription to
the software, Dysonics says for a limited time the company will
throw in the RondoMotion sensor you can attach to a pair of
headphones, allowing creators to test motion-tracked video in
front of their traditional audio workstation.

Audio engineers working with captured VR content should note
the following set of features listed by Dysonics for Rondo360:

  • Unlimited Audio Sources
  • Full DAW support (AAX, VST, AU)
  • MTB (Motion-Tracked Binaural)…

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