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I know every single person who reads this blog is familiar with
the explosion of Virtual Reality (VR) over the last few years.
 I know, because I have also been saturated with
everything “VR”. My first personal experience with VR was using
Google Cardboard over two years ago…   As you
can imagine, VR has come a long way since that post.

Initially, emerging technologies can battle with the concept of
pragmatism.  The first thing you hear with something like
AR, VR, Dynamo, etc.. is “cool, but how can I use it in the

Today, I wanted to talk about a recent real-world experience
with VR.  More specifically, with Revit, the HTC Vive, and

… Continue reading to hear about the success story and my
thoughts on the aforementioned technologies (including a
breakdown of the hardware and software we used)…

** Full disclosure, this is a real project with
real clients and I have kept the project name, clients,
and their faces anonymous for this post (because I did not ask
every single person who appears in a photo for their

Over the last two years or so I have been dabbling
in the world of virtual reality.  I’ve tried the Oculus
Rift, Google Cardboard, Samsung Gear, Microsoft Halolens
(yeah… yeah.. I know, it’s more “AR”), and the HTC Vive.
 As of right now, the Vive has taken the lead in my

Why has the HTC Vive taken the lead?

The answer is the simplicity of use and setup.
 This could be due to Steam
 (the backend platform the Vive uses), but we had the
Vive up and running less than 20 minutes after opening the box.
Without trying to sounds negative, the Oculus Rift took a little
more effort to get up and running for me.

Great, so now you went out and bought an HTC Vive because of
The Revit Kid… Now what about using it with my Revit models?

Similar to the VR headsets, I tried quite a few add-ins and
standalone software for viewing Revit models on the HTC Vive.
 Here are some brief summaries of the software I tried to
connect the Vive and our Revit model.  The goal of this
project was to fin a “one-click” solution to viewing models on
the Vive.

Testing out the Software

(The following summaries are based on the
software’s ability to simply take a Revit model and…

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