What Gunfire’s From Other Suns Learns From Chronos And Dead & Buried


Gunfire Games has more VR games under its belt than most,
having worked on two Herobound titles for Gear VR, Oculus
launch title Chronos, and Oculus Touch freebie, Dead and
Buried. The latest effort, From Other Suns, looks to be its most ambitious
yet, but you can find pieces of its past within.

From Other Suns is every sci-fi fans dream come true, letting
you and three friends take control of a space ship and explore
a procedurally generated galaxy, taking on infinite missions.
It’s a full first-person shooter (FPS), that wants to
accommodate every Oculus Touch owner, no matter how susceptible
they are to VR sim sickness.


To that end, the game has a pretty intriguing optional
locomotion solution. When pushing the analogue stick of
your left Touch controller forward in comfort mode you won’t
see your camera lurch forward like a traditional FPS. Instead,
you’ll see your character step out in front of you, entirely
under your control. When you stop walking, the camera resets
back inside your character’s head. It’s an intriguing solution,
but it actually reminds me of the static camera seen in
Gunfire’s first Rift game, Chronos.

“When we first talked about Chronos we wanted a safe comfort
launch title game,” the developer tells me. “But we wanted a
deep immersive game. The games we play, we play for hours on
end, we don’t…

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