Autodesk Infrastructure Product Hardware Specs & Recommendations


One of our stellar premium support specialists, Louisa Holland,
recently put together a great overview of hardware specs and
recommendations for InfraWorks and Civil 3D. I thought her
recommendations were spot-on, so I wanted to share them with
you here. Keep in mind, that this is not an endorsement of any
specific hardware companies, nor a list of formal system
requirements — but more of a helpful tip for some nice
options, based on experience working in Civil 3D and

You can find minimum system requirements and Autodesk’s
Certified Hardware Page here: 

This document is meant to provide a comparison guide between
currently available hardware technology with respect to working
with Civil 3D and Infraworks. When it comes to Civil 3D
and Infraworks, there is no such thing as “too much” RAM or
graphics capability. On the Ideal side of this chart, Lou put
forth suggestions that are high end, but fall within a
realistic budget.



*Since AutoCAD is not multithreaded, fewer cores with stronger
individual cores is preferable.

** Memory and storage are effectively commodified resources;
brand and/or manufacturer makes very little difference.



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