Revit Shared Parameterr File Organizer 2017 Will Be Released Soon!


Besides the great improvements to the two existing standalone
Window executables, the Revit Shared Parameter File Viewer and
the Revit Shared Parameter File Editor, another executable will
be provided, the Revit Shared Parameter File Explorer.

The new tool can explore the Revit Shared Parameter Files on
drive, either in a single folder, multiple, or nested folders.
It behaves pretty much like the Window Explorer, but besides
the ordinary file information such as file name, size, date and
length it focus more on the internal information of Revit
Shared Parameter Files, e.g. retrieving their parameter
information such as parameter count, group count and even
possible relationship with Revit versions such as 2014 and

Of course, the ordinary operations such as Cut, Copy, Paste,
Delete, and Rename are all provided. 

It can also create a library for all shared parameter files
within a folder or its nested, and load the library into the
Explorer to save great time next time. It is also
straightforward to open some selected shared parameter files
into the Viewer or Editor for checking or updating.

Please stay tuned!


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