Facebook Announces 360 Capture SDK


You will soon share 360 photos and videos while in

During day one of the F8 developer’s conference yesterday,
Facebook again showed us just how important social is to the
company when it comes to future platforms. Whether mixing the
physical and digital world with their new augmented reality camera platform or
creating the best social VR experience we’ve seen yet with
Spaces, one thing is for sure,
Facebook wants to make sharing with friends as easy as

That’s why today, Facebook has announced a new plugin for VR that will hopefully
make it simple for people to capture their VR experiences
through a 360 photo or video.

When you’re the person in VR, the experience is amazing —
something you can’t wait to tell your friends about. But
there’s always been a challenge — no matter how hard you try to
describe the experience, it’s never the same as physically
trying it yourself.

Enter the new 360 Capture SDK. The Facebook plugin for VR will
let you capture your experience with 360 photos and videos that
can then be uploaded to News Feed or played in a VR headset.
Not only could this be a huge boom for VR gaming, much like
we’ve seen with the success of Twitch, but will add an entirely
new way of creating content for social experiences and
marketing initiatives.

You can dive into more of the developer details…

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