Exit Reality and Flipside Offer New Kind of Mobile VR at VRLA 2017


Mobile VR has hit the streets in a new way with Exit
Reality—and it’s headed to a city near you. At VRLA, they
also hosted Flipside, the fastest animation platform on
the planet.

If you were at VRLA this weekend, chances are
you noticed the silver truck parked at the front of the
convention floor. With its metallic, futuristic vibe and an
unending stream of attendees flocking to it throughout the
weekend, the Exit Reality truck was hard to miss.

Even for its sleek aesthetics, the truck is
very real and very functional. Exit Reality CEO and Cofounder
Yoni Koenig confirmed that the truck was indeed the same one
known for cruising down the streets of San Francisco with
free VR experiences in tow.

“Yeah, it’s a real truck,” said Koenig. “This
thing drives around.”

While driving around, the truck tends to
attract people with very limited knowledge or experience with
virtual reality—which, according to Koenig is, “exactly the
point.” He recognizes that there’s no one-size-fits-all
approach to delivering a positive VR experience, so his hope is
that, by offering a host of different options for different
tastes, Exit Reality can ignite curiosity about the future of
virtual reality. 

“How do you get people to care about things?”
said Koenig. “Through experiences. We program the content very

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