Facebook’s New 24 Lens Camera Turns Real Life Into VR


Most 360 content isn’t very good. Whether or not you
consider this content to be “true” VR, the truth is much of it
isn’t even worth debating. For every standout from
a team like Felix and Paul, there are 20 low-resolution
examples overflowing with meh. But even the best ones now look
like garbage compared to what I just finished seeing at F8.

Hidden in a side hall of the San Jose Convention Center, and
shown by invitation only, were Facebook’s and FLIR‘s brand new cameras.
The x24 and x6 were both on display in the Facebook Surround
360 demo chamber. After being ushered past a series of security
guards I emerged in a room divided by a few temporary walls. In
the center were the two cameras in all their spherical glory.


Representatives from the Facebook Surround 360 team brought me
into the first phase of what would become a marathon of demos.
Step one was to see what the x24 can produce inside an Oculus

Inside the Rift I saw what appeared to be a standard, but very
high resolution 360-degree video. I was standing inside on the
balcony of a massive room housing what appeared to be a lush
indoor rainforest. From what I could hear a river was flowing
somewhere and leafy trees swayed playfully in the breeze. I was
impressed by the high image quality and then my handler
informed me he would be turning on the true magic of the

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