Happy birthday, Dasher 360! – Through the Interface


One year ago today, on April 20th, 2016, Dasher 360 was born.

Leap, Dasher, leap!

Here’s the email I sent one year ago to Simon – the other
developer working on the project – on creation of the Git repo.
For the first day of its life, Dasher 360 didn’t even embed the
Forge viewer. 🙂

Dasher 360 is born

Things have come a long way over the last 12 months: Dasher 360
now has a significant number of the features originally found
in the desktop version of Dasher, plus a few extra besides. Of
course there’s always more to do, but it feels as though we’ve
reached a certain level of feature maturity. In fact we’re
talking about the next development milestones being related to
scalability – theoretically allowing more people to use Dasher
360 with their own models – rather than pure features. Which is
all very exciting.

The site has been updated in the last few days – with
particular attention to touch screen usage (which, to some
degree, includes mobile phones and tablets, although further
tweaking will be needed) – so go ahead and give it a try.

Here’s a video introducing the latest Dasher 360:



So there you have it: Dasher 360 is now a yearling. In fairness
to what came before, it stands on the shoulders of Project Dasher, a research project that started
way back in 2009. While no actual code (as far as I can
remember) has been copied across, a bunch of the learning from
the development of the original Dasher informed the development
of Dasher 360. Which is one reason we’ve made such rapid
progress (others being the capabilities provided by the Forge
platform, additional components/services we’ve been able to
integrate, such as Data 360 and Splash, and – I have to
acknowledge this, although referring less to me, personally –
the experience of the people working on the project).

With that said I think I’m going to go open a bottle of bubbly
to commemorate the event. Happy birthday, Dasher 360!

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