Undead Valley Adds New Free Map To Arizona Sunshine’s Horde Mode


Arizona Sunshine is a great game that earned our VR Game
of the Year honors
for 2016. And back at CES 2017 in
January of this year we spotted the new
Undead Valley content
on display and had the chance to
speak with Vertigo Games representatives about the upcoming
update. Originally slated for February, the update is just now
landing in mid-April, but it’s totally free to download and
play starting today.

Instead of being a brand new game mode, this is instead a new
map for the game’s cooperative Horde mode. In that game mode,
players fight side-by-side against ongoing waves of zombies to
try and survive for as long as possible, wisely rationing their
limited supplies and weapons. Last month
a different new map for the mode
was released, pitting
players against the undead through the core campaign’s scariest
area: the mine. It’s pitch black and crawling with zombies,
making it a harrowing experience.

Undead Valley is something a bit different then. It’s not only
a brand new area that wasn’t in the game previously, but it
also features brand new objectives to mix up the tedium of
endless waves. “This time players will find the key to survival
above all else is to keep moving and take full advantage of the
map’s indoor and outdoor areas as well as the verticality it
adds to Horde mode,” says a press release provided to
UploadVR. “Players…

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