why wont aacoreconsole open file or run scripts ?

I am running Vanilla AutoCAD 2017
The accoreconsole.exe will start but and show the example Screen
and will appears to run commands, although i am unaware of a way
to open a file directly from core console so i cant really do
anything with it.

Methods attempted
1. Script Pro 2.0:
From https://knowledge.autodesk.com/suppo…ion-tools.html
Script pro executes scripts successfully when using AutoCAd But
then Fails when i switch to Core Console
It generates a log file that reads: Error while reading log
file for C:UsersDocumentsTESTARCH01_FIRST FLOOR PLAN – AREA

2.Auto Lisp
From AutoCAD using an Auto Lisp command i found on House of
BIM. The command works and i tested several scripts which i
first tested using the Run Script Button in AutoCad and they
worked, but not when i used core console.

/i core console flashes and then disappears
/I core console opens a new file from the Qnew Template file

This seems to happen no matter whats after that in the lisp

Then OPEN command in core console doesn’t return a prompt or an
error, it just returns twice and does nothing.
Typing in a file path generates an error
This generated a Temp file called accc34642 which reads
m_kernelList still has 1 entry

3.Widows batch files
I have only used one of these in the past successfully but i
checked the ones i found a couple different websites and still
no luck on getting the scripts to execute.
I also tried all this from different File Paths

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