2017 weirdness with copy-paste

This is an oddity — and i’m bemused by what’s happening,

Drawing A is an existing site plan (surveyor on 2016), drawing
B is the demo sheet and has A xref’ed in. In model space of the
demo sheet, I tagged 140 trees to be removed with block
Then, copied all of those block using COPYBASE and a coordinate
of 0,0,0. But, pasting that into A so I can locate the base
file trees and change them to a demo layer, and the block
symbol lands off the tree node. DIST tells me “Distance =
4.2296383, Angle in XY Plane = 15d29’8”

Both drawings are on the same coordinate system, both are in
WCS, INSBASE is 0,0,0

If I XREF B into A, then the symbols land correctly visually,
but…. the original point node in A and the referenced point
node in B list out as different coordinate, off the same
distance as the pasted symbol.

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