Lake Oswego ADSK Employees in Oregon Celebrated Early Earth Day


2017-04-20 10.38.23

Yesterday our local Autodesk Lake Oswego Oregon office held an
early earth Day celebration since Earth Day is on Saturday
April 22. We have a four person group of employee volunteers
that plan and arrange fun activities in our office and we call
this the Ministry of Mischief. I went and purchased some native
plant seedlings from an amazing place here in the Portland area
as well as native seeds. The native plant and seed were from
Bosky Dell
and a great place to just visit. In our office we
planted these native plants and wildflowers in peat moss
containers to take home and place them in their yard and land.

We had a lot of fun doing this and the earth needs more native
plants than all those flowers and plants from big box stores
that may be only native to places 2000 miles away. Fellow
Autodesk Lake Oswego colleague Ministry of Mischief member
Quentin Contreras purchased various ice cream
sandwiches and ice cream bars for everyone to enjoy.

Here are some photos.



Here are some of the native plant seedlings containing Bleeding
Hearts, Trillium, Sword Fens, Shooting Stars, and more.

2017-04-20 13.10.17

Here are photos from my visit to Bosky Dell Natives to
pick up seeds and plants. I even ran into an endangered species
red leg frog.

2017-04-20 10.48.53
2017-04-20 10.39.072017-04-20 10.41.222017-04-20 10.29.59-1


I hope you do something for Earth Day whether it be a clean up
project or doing something good for the Earth that we all


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