Oculus 1.14 Update Adds 360 Tracking Guide, Touch Gamepad Mode


After a few delays back at the start of the year Oculus is now
dropping significant updates for its Rift VR headset like
clockwork, and the latest release includes some much-requested
new features.

Perhaps the most important addition in the new update,
titled 1.14, is the inclusion of a new 360 tracking set up
guide. Currently when setting up your Rift with a new pair of
Touch controllers you’ll get instructions for how to align two
sensors, which allows you to play VR games at a 180 degree
angle. If you plugged in a third sensor for full 360 tracking
it was up to you about how to arrange your set up.

With the new update, however, a set up guide will automatically
appear when you plug a third sensor into your computer. Many
people have struggled to perfect their three sensor
arrangements in the past so this update will definitely be
welcomed by those that want true room-scale in their VR gaming.
360 tracking is still dubbed as ‘Experimental’ for now, though.

The second biggest update is a nice addition too. Before Touch
came out, all Oculus apps supported the Xbox gamepad that the
Rift came with. Outside of its position-tracked controls, Touch
has dual analogue sticks, two shoulder buttons, and a set of
face buttons, which many of these gamepad games could actually
be played with, but haven’t implemented support. With 1.14, a
lot of old titles have…

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