Phantom CAD Technicians!

So here’s the issue.

One CAD team of just over a dozen supporting a multi
disciplinary company that has over 400 employees. 70+ LT
licences installed on employees workstations that are not
within the CAD team, this historically was to help them draft
designs that are then normally passed onto the CAD team to work
up in more detail etc. In theory a dozen CAD technicians
supporting 400 staff should mean the team will be busy all day
every day!

The problem now arises when the workloads of these LT users are
a little light they suddenly become CAD technicians and hold
onto the CAD work to help stay busy causing the CAD team to be
extremely light.

Personally, I think the best fix to stop this happening and to
keep the CAD team fully busy would be to remove the CAD LT
licences from many users workstations but this would just cause

Does anyone know of a lighter version of AutoCAD LT that will
allow people to maybe do quick modifications and check drawings
only? AutoCAD 360 doesn’t quite work with it working in the

How would other managers tackle this issue?

Thanks in advance

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