Rick and Morty VR Features A Knockoff Version Of Roy: A Life Well Lived


Spoilers for Rick and Morty: Virtual
Rick-ality and Season 2, Episode 2, of the cartoon are found
below. Continue at your own risk!

Rick and Morty: Virtual Rick-ality, which
received an 8.5/10 from us when it released yesterday
, is
filled to the brim with references from and gameplay elements
related to some of the most coveted moments in the Adult Swim
cartoon that it’s based on. There’s a unique game version of
Mr. Meeseeks (known as Youseeks) that copies your every moment
to help you complete tasks, the homicidal alien Rick is holding
captive can be heard but not seen as you exchange items with
him via a hatch in the garage, and there are many
more. Everyone has a particular element of the show they’d
like to see brought to life in virtual reality and
the outer space arcade Blips and Chitz is the perfect
candidate for gaming spaces. While Virtual Rick-ality doesn’t
give us a fully realized Blips and Chitz, it does deliver
a playable version of their hit game Roy: A Life Well
Lived…well…a knockoff version of it at least. You can see the
full scene from the cartoon below:

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