You Can Literally Use Your Mind To Become a Superhero in This VR Game


If you asked 100 people to rank their top 10 most-wanted super
powers, Family Feud style, there’s a pretty good chance that
would end up on that list. Flying is great, as-is super
strength and super speed, but they’re kind of played out. The
power of telekinesis though, which allows you to move things
using nothing but your mind, could be truly incredible.

That’s a bit too fantastical to really be something we can
expect would ever happen though, at least not how it’s
discussed in most pop culture. But with the power of technology
we can get pretty close. Yesterday Facebook talked at F8 about
their plans to create direct brain
interfaces for VR
. As we all know, brain waves are powerful
and with the inclusion of neural interfaces like the
Muse, developers are
creating apps and programs that can be directly interacted with
using nothing more than the power of thought.

One such developer is 4 I
, an indie studio based in Belarus. Previously they
developed Drunk or Dead, but
this time they’ve taken on a much more complex topic. “Not so
long ago we’ve got a brain sensing headband (the Muse) that
uses electroencephalography (EEG) to record the electrical
activity of brain cell groups,” explained Alex Misilevich
in an email to UploadVR. “Using readings of this headband we
can tell if the person that is using it is focused or…

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