Paypal Wants To Create AR Systems That Let You Buy What You See


A new patent filed by Paypal proposes a world where people can
make purchases based upon the things they can
actually see.

The patent is
generically titled “Using Augmented Reality To Determine
Information,” but the system it describes could potentially
revolutionize the way people make transactions (using Paypal of
course) in the physical world.

As it stands today, Paypal is a primarily electronic payment
system that is used mostly to make electronic purchases or wire
cash. Online shopping with Paypal is as easy as pressing a
button and eliminates the need to fumble with credit cards and
type in repetitive strings of numbers. This patent’s
proposed system would essentially build upon the promise of
augmented reality to bring that same point-and-click
purchasing power into real world situations.

The patent’s official language describes:

Systems, methods, and computer program products for
identifying objects of interest and providing relevant
information about the objects of interest using augmented
reality devices are disclosed.

For example, a computer-implemented method may include
identifying an object of interest among a plurality of
objects present in an image view, determining real-time
information for the object of interest based on the
identifying, presenting the determined…

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