2017 Polar tracking overriding object tracking (per drawing/template)

A bit difficult to explain so I will do my best.

In our company template (and all of the current company
drawings) polar tracking is suppressing/overriding a object
tracking line.

In the below screen shot I want to:

1. Select the box at a point to copy/move

2. Hover over another endpoint to start object tracking

3. Move/copy the box to the red points with the red line being
the temporary object tracking line that would appear.

In a normal drawing started from the acad template everything
works fine.

In our company files when the polar tracking is locked to one
of its angles the object tracking is ignored and does not snap
as expected.

See the attached drawings AbNormal comes from our company
template Normal is from acad template.

I have screecasts at the fallowing Autodesk forum post:

Why is object tracking being overridden in the AbNormal


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