BIM Conference 2017: 56 hours in Las Vegas – Part 3 Engine by ARCHICAD


This is part 3 of my GRAPHISOFT North America 2017 BIM
Conference recap, if you haven’t already read them, here’s part 1 and
here’s part 2.
Part 4, which will probably be the conclusion is partially
written. I would love to complete it by the end of May, but no
promises. There’s so much to get done before my daughters go on
Summer break at the end of June.

GRAPHISOFT employee and BIM Consultant Zoltan Toth once again
gave a lecture on Cinerender. I attended Zoltan’s talk in 2015
and loved it. I was eager to learn from him again. If I could
have, I would have sat through both of his presentations this
year. I expect he will give the same talk again at the next BIM
Conference, which I presume will be in 2019. It will be at the
top of my list of lectures to attend, regardless of what else
is being presented. A lot of what Zoltan talked about—how to
set up lights, how to use the physical camera—are things that
have already left my brain. But I remember just enough to
explore these things on my own. I know a bit more about the
ARCHICAD sun Object. I know to use it now rather than the Sun
in the Cinerender settings. I can’t remember all the reasons
why, but I know that’s what I should do, that it is better. I
know to play around with the physical camera in the Cinerender
settings to get my images to feel more like photographs than

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