Enhanced Building and Space Types for Revit 2018 Technology to Architecture


Revit 2018 has given mechanical engineers added capability in
defining Building Types and Space
within Revit project files.  Building
and Space Types are used for energy calculations and it is
always a good thing when Autodesk provides more opportunity to
improve the energy analysis and design process.

Building and Space Types are defined in the
Building/Space Type Settings dialog
box accessed by the Manage tab ->
MEP Settings on the Settings
panel -> Building/Space Type Settings.

There are two big enhancements to this

Enhancement 1:

A new capability is to create new types,
rename types, duplicate types, and
delete types for both Building Types and Space

This is a great new feature as it allows engineers to better
define the Building Types and Space Types that are needed
for their specific situation.

  • New Types can be created.
    • No longer are users limited to the default Types
      provided by Autodesk with Revit.
  • Existing Types can be duplicated.
    • This allows a user to create a new type that is
      similar to an existing type without being required to set
      all of the parameter values.
  • Unused types can be deleted so they do not appear in the

    • This can dramatically shorten the long list so that
      users do not need to search through as many types to choose
      the one that they want.
    • This list can be modified so that only the types that
      are to be used in a project are shown in the list, thus
      preventing users from selecting types that should not be
  • Types can be renamed.
    • Naming can be changed to better conform to your
      organization’s standards.
    • Naming can be changed to organize the types differently
      in the list.

The Transfer Project Standards command on the
Manage tab can be used to get Building
Type Settings and Space Type Settings into a
project from another project or template.

Enhancement 2:

Additional parameters have been added to the Types to give user
more options for defining information used in energy
analysis.  New parameters include:

Building Types

  • Outdoor Air per…

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