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About This Version

Version, 5/17/2017

  • 2018 Compatible
  • Node Text Color in Main Object Tree
    • Categories that can receive Parts are BLACK
    • Categories that cannot receive Parts are GREY
  • Status of Levels in ‘Filter By Building Level’
    • Now displays only levels of models selected in ‘Models
      Being Searched’ checklist
    • Levels from selected linked models now display (linked)
      after the level name
    • Levels belonging to both the selected current model and
      selected linked model(s) now display (sync’d) 
  • Creation History Modes
    • The automated Parts Creation History feature can now be
      managed by selected dates and/or revision entries.
    • The parameter with the creation date was Read Only in
      previous versions. Values can now be edited, giving you
      full control of managing your Parts creation history.
      Projects created in prior versions will remain Read Only.
  • ‘Document Busy’ alert fixed – After doing SAVEAS, PartsLab
    would not open and gave an alert stating the document could not
    be opened.


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