Building The VR Experiences And Worlds of the Future


Pretty soon, real life will be stranger than fiction when it
comes to bringing the great inventions of science fiction and
games into technology.

Kim Pallister, the director of Intel’s virtual reality center
of excellence, moderated a fireside chat about that topic with
science fiction writer Austin Grossman at our
recent GamesBeat
Summit 2017: How games, sci-fi, and tech create real-world

They dwelled on the future of virtual reality experiences and
building worlds like the metaverse in Neal Stephenson’s 1992
sci-fi novel Snow Crash. Given the advances of VR,
it’s not such a crazy talk to have anymore. People are really
looking for an experience that lives up to the imagination
portrayed in such early works of fiction.

Snow Crash imprinted [the idea of virtual life] on
the culture,” Grossman said.

Pallister added, “It feels like the current set of hardware has
tipped us over a point where people can feel a magical
experience but it is really only just the beginning of the
types of experiences depicted in those fictional works.”

Pallister leads Intel’s virtual reality (VR) project lab in
Hillsboro, Oregon. His team is working to improve the state of
VR technology and to bring VR to mainstream audiences. In his
current role, Pallister forecasts the progress of VR and the
ingredient technologies responsible for…

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