Dancing All Night In LCD Soundsystem’s VR Music Experience – VRScout


There’s no party like a VR dance party.

With Google I/O coming to a close, the three day developer
conference saw its fair share of annoucements around VR and AR.
Reveals included everything from a new standalone
VR headset
, updates
to Daydream
, and a more
social YouTube

But among all the night’s pizza parties and live music, tucked
away in a tent on the sprawling Mountain View grounds, sat a
dance pool party like no other.

Rightfully called
“The Ballroom,” the bash included two rows of brightly colored
walls that surrounded a swimming pool filled with clear plastic
balls. One row included four HTC Vive setups with partygoers
flailing their arms and dancing in VR. The other row consisted
of six Daydream View headsets, with guests bobbing their head
on a swivel chair.

This was the latest preview of LCD Soundsystem’s VR music
experience for their upcoming track titled “Tonite.” The
ever-changing VR experience was made in collaboration with
Amsterdam interactive designer Jonathan Puckey, Moniker,
Google’s Data Arts team, and Brooklyn-based LCD Soundsystem.

The row of Daydream
View guests got an early preview of the web VR music
experience, where you find yourself floating on rails through a
line of different colored rooms. In each room, stick-like
avatars are dancing in their own unique style, all while

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