Google Confirms Glass Team is Not Working With AR/VR Team – Road to VR


Amidst a lot of exciting AR/VR news from Google this week
during I/O 2017, a bit of sad news comes for any fans of the
company’s ‘Project Glass’. The team within Google that worked
on Glass is not collaborating with the Daydream/Tango VR/AR
teams, a strong indication that there’s no plans to bring
Glass forward into the fledgling era of immersive computing.

Although, generally speaking, Google Glass was not an augmented
reality device (though it did have a few AR apps), it was an
impressively engineered HUD headset that’s greatest technical
contribution was perhaps a smart user interface for head-worn
devices with touch input, while its greatest societal
contribution was easing the world’s view of wearable
technology. In 2017, with so much talk of head-worn devices as
the future of immersive computing, it’s easy to see that Glass
was ahead of its time.

waterproof google glass
Among fans of the
device (myself included), there was hope that after the Project
Glass had
“Graduated” from within Google’s secretive Google[x]
2015 (also the origin of Tango, Google Watch, and more) the
Glass team would be moving ahead with development of new and
improved versions of the device.

With the Glass team at the time teasing, “we’ve outgrown the
lab and so we’re officially ‘graduating’ from Google[x] to be
our own team here at Google. We’re thrilled…

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