Jarod Schultz AU 2017 Classes


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Below is my two classes that I put together this year.
Hopefully my classes get picked and I can show and teach
everyone something new! Thanks for voting! LINK

Energy Model Life Cycle

In the past, working in the schematic design phase, there
were usually two other major tools being used. From the stand
point of trying to use Autodesk tools at this stage we just
didn’t have the tools to get the job done. Using the other
design tools lead down a pathway of the “throw away model”
approach. The new workflow lets us to continue with the
design model along with the energy model as we transition
from schematic design to design development. Times have
changed, using Dynamo, Fractal, FormIt, Revit, and Insight
equals a comprehensive Autodesk solution from early schematic
design to design development that now includes an energy
model performance life cycle! Insight’s energy analysis and
benchmarks are based on a tried and true DOE-2, Energy PLUS,
gbXML Certified, and ASHRAE 140 Validation engines. We will
also look at how Insight can plug into 2030 Design Data
Exchange to help track your progress.

– See how schematic design has been reinvented with a
better set of tools.

– Learn how a single energy model can been used from
schematic design to design development and further.

– Understand how Insight sets a new standard for energy

– Look at how to use the workflow of Dynamo Studio to
Fractal to FormIt to Insight including Revit to Insight.

Technology Disruption, Now What?!?!

Technology is moving at a fast pace these days and with it
comes technology disruptions. We will look at what has
happened in the past and what is happening today and see how
your firm can come up with a strategy moving forward. Some
items to start thinking about; How is your firm been dealing
with these disruptions? What lessons has your firm learned?
Where is your…

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