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Steam VR expands its services with native 360-degree video

If you’re fortunate enough to own an HTC Vive or Oculus
Rift VR headset, odds are you’ve checked out Steam. The
infamous digital distribution platform from Valve has been the
go-to option for gamers around the world for years and has
since evolved into a popular hub for virtual reality
enthusiasts as well. A high quality positional tracking suite,
an impressive library of games and a comfortable interface make
this one of the most appealing virtual reality platforms
available to the public.

Now Valve is dipping their toes into VR video
with its own custom 360 video player. Currently available via
public beta, Steam 360
allows users to view 360-degree movies, shows and
other non-linear VR formats within your headset instantaneously
and without the need for a separate application.

Utilizing SPIN Play technology from Seattle-based VR
Valve has enabled adaptive video streaming in Steam VR
and is offering an eclectic selection of 360-degree content to
celebrate the launch.

Steam 360 Video Player currently hosts eight different
pieces of virtual reality content.

Alien Covenant | In Utero
is an
unsettling sci-fi thriller experience that puts users in the
“shoes” of a terrifying Neomorph…

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