YouTube Bringing 360 Videos To Your TV


Now you can watch immersive video from the biggest
screen in your house.

Google’s annual Google I/O developer is in full swing, with a
few new VR related announcements. Sarah Ali, head of living
room products, took the stage to announce that 360
video is making its way to your YouTube
app in home devices.

When it comes to watching 360° videos, you can either watch on
your laptop or mobile device. And if you’re lucky, you may
have a VR headset like a Daydream
to enjoy a more immersive experience. But not
everyone wants to watch 360° videos on their mobile device or
have a headset handy.

That’s why YouTube is supporting 360° videos on the
biggest screen you probably have in the house. Millions of
viewers around the world who have a smart TV can load up the
YouTube app and experience 360 videos. On stage, Ali showed how
you can play videos while using a remote to pan around the
environment as you’re watching. The YouTube 360 app also
supports live 360° video as well, letting you sit back and
watch Coachella next year from the comfort of your couch.

In the next few months, you’ll be able to watch and control
360-degree videos on Android TV, Samsung 2017 4K TVs, LG 2017
4K TVs, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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