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This year Autodesk
is changing things up a little when it comes to
how submissions for AU 2017 are selected. This year they are
publishing all 2,136 abstracts that got submitted on or before
the May 17th deadline. You can head over the Autodesk University Website to
review all submissions and vote for the ones you like

Now to be clear – voting isn’t the only means by which
submissions get selected for AU 2017 but rather another tool
for the selection committee to use in ensuring the best lineup.
This can be seen in the verbiage used on the voting page:

” Your feedback is an important factor in
selecting sessions for AU Las Vegas 2017. That’s because AU
is about you. It’s about the experiences that will help you
become better in your work, the innovations that will help
your company compete, and the changes brought about by
emerging technologies.

What classes, case studies, and
conversations will matter most this year? Vote for the
classes that can’t be missed. Don’t delay—voting ends June

As well as the email you get after your AU 2017 submission is
received by Autodesk, which reads in part:

“In the coming days, your anonymous
submission will be published to the AU website for other
members of the AU community to review. Community voting on
class proposals will begin on May 17, 2017, when our Call for
Proposals closes. Feedback from the AU community will be 1
factor in reviewing AU 2017 class proposals. We hope you and
your colleagues will weigh in on the learning opportunities
that will be most meaningful for you at AU Las Vegas this

Like other years, the Autodesk University selection committee
will be making their selections based on many criteria,
some of which might be:

  • The speaker’s past experience and sessions at Autodesk
  • The strength of the submission itself
  • The relevance of the submission topic to the overall theme
    of the year – which is “Shape The Future of Making
    this year
  • How many other similar submissions there are on the
    same topic
  • And of course, this year how a session did during the
    public voting process.


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