Revit Add-Ons: PowerCad-M Version 1.5


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About This Version

Version 1.5, 5/22/2017

  • Now supports Revit 2018
  • Added feature that aligns circuit path with cable tray or
    conduit ( Revit 2018 only)
  • Added panelboard isolator to single line diagram
  • Redesigned Electrical Distribution Network Browser screen


Dramatically reduce the time to build your electrical design in
Autodesk® Revit®.  PowerCad-M is a live electrical
schematic that gives you ultimate control over your electrical
design, simplifying your design workflow and allowing you see
exactly what’s going on in your model.

  • Calculate electrical planning loads using the room or space
    data in your model
  • Check all the families that should connect to an electrical
    system within your model simply
  • Build your electrical system with a unique drag and drop
  • Find unconnected boards and connect them with ease
  • Access the panel schedule or zoom to the component in 3D
    space directly from the schematic
  • Rename panels with ease, including adding the floor they
    are located on in their name
  • Export electrical data to excel
  • Publish your completed schematic to a drafting [view]
    quickly to be included in your construction drawings
  • Export your electrical model to PowerCad-5 to calculate arc
    fault, complete maximum demand…

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