Arktika.1 Has Promise But Chooses To Tell And Not Show


Arktika.1 is one of the many virtual reality titles taking a
swing at AAA adventure, coming exclusively to the Oculus Touch

from the creators of the Metro series, 4A Games
. It’s an
assortment of guns, waves of vile bad guys, and a
post-apocalyptic plot. It aims to be vast in all of the typical
action ways, collecting a textbook set of parts whose sum,
unfortunately, continues to feel like just one of the many.

In its best
, Arktika.1 manages to be a mechanically sound
shooter. As a mercenary brought in to clear a facility of the
Arktika.1 compound, I’m given a spread of weapons to choose
from before setting off. The snappy pistol reloads with a flick
of the wrist. I customize my rifle with an improved sight. I
lower a laser gun to my side for a new clip, then bounce its
beam off a back wall to hit a target behind cover. Each weapon
is unique and fun to fire, though this alone isn’t too
alluring. There are, these days, quite a few titles that have
fine-tuned VR shooting to be comfortable, intuitive, and
joyful. It’s an inherently engaging experience unique to
virtual reality, but not as unique to the games that employ it.

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