Microsoft Research Reveals New, Slimmed Down AR Glasses


The Microsoft Research Team revealed  a new pair of
augmented reality glasses today that offer an exciting form
factor, even if their performance isn’t up to snuff.

The new lenses were made known to the world in a research paper
titled Holographic Near-Eye Displays for Virtual and Augmented
Reality penned by Microsoft’s Andrew
 and Joel
. Their findings were published in the ACM
Transactions on Graphics journal.

What’s described in the paper are “novel designs for virtual
and augmented reality near-eye displays based on phase-only
holographic projection.”

The researchers methodology here is “built on the principles of
Fresnel holography and double phase amplitude encoding with
additional hardware, phase correction factors, and spatial
light modulator encodings to achieve full color, high contrast
and low noise holograms with high resolution and true per-pixel
focal control.”

Read the full
research paper

All of this technobabble is merely to say that what we have
here is the first ever augmented reality headset prototype to
be shown off from Microsoft since its industry-leading HoloLens
design. The big difference between this prototype and the
HoloLens is the form factor. The new model looks much more
similar to a pair of standard glasses that a regular person
could comfortably wear on…

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