Play BlazeRush on Rift Totally For Free This Weekend


BlazeRush by Targem
 is what you get if you made a VR racing game out
of the Hot Wheels and other toy cars that tons of children had
buzzing around little tracks in their bedrooms. I’ll never
forget all of the stunts and intense setups I’d orchestrate in
the name of feeling cool. Now BlazeRush is a racing game lets
you have all of that miniature excitement without the hassle.

Oculus announced today via the following tweet that Rift gamers
can download and play the title totally for free on Oculus Home
this weekend from May 26th to May 29th.

While it may not seem like the most obvious use case for VR
hardware, it’s actually quite fun to peer down at the little
cars buzzing around. It reminds me a bit of Rock n’
Roll Racing
on the SNES, which I adore. All things
considered, we still think BlazeRush is one
of the better racing games
you can try in VR if gazing at
mini hot rods blazing around a track is your thing.

The free weekend is only running for the Oculus
Home edition of the game
, not the Steam
(which doesn’t appear to have official VR support?)
as far as we know.

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