San Francisco Dynamo User Group: SFDUG June Meeting Bagot


SFDUG welcomes Brian Ringley and Pardis Mirmalek, from Woods
Bagot, as our featured speakers for the month of June.

Educational Module:
3D Isovist study with Dynamo | Pardis

This session demonstrates a study that was done for San
Francisco International Airport project in order to identify
structural elements being visible from different point of the
project and facilitate design rationalization for placing
structural element in areas not visible to public.
Pardis Mirmalek is an architect and programmer
who’s work focuses on the overlap of Design, Data and
Technology. She has worked on diverse range of projects in NY,
SF and Dubai. She received her master of Architecture from
Princeton University and is currently working as the BIM
manager for Woodsbagot-HKS Joint Venture Partners for San
Francisco International Airport Project.

Feature Presentation:
What’s the point of using Dynamo, or visual programming
for that matter? | Brian Ringley

Brian Ringley will connect remotely from New York. This
presentation will check our assumptions, take a step back, and
honestly examine which architectural problems node graphs are
solving… and which they’re creating. We’ll compare and contrast
a number of design computation paradigms including textual
scripting, textual programming, and graphical scripting, look
at how we create and manage various…

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