Sony’s Richard Marks Expects Natural Voice Input to Play Major Role in VR’s Future – Road to VR


In a recent interview with Glixel
, Dr. Richard
Marks, head of Sony’s Magic Lab R&D team, talked about
PSVR’s development history, social VR, and a possible
holodeck-style future. He thinks voice input has unrealised
potential, and could become the way users launch into different
VR experiences in the future, customising them in real-time
thanks to procedural generation.

Mark’s Magic Lab played a pivotal role in developing ‘Project
Morpheus’ the prototype VR headset that would eventually become
PlayStation VR.

Project Morpheus
prototype | Photo courtesy Sony

Following a recent Christmas break where he says he studied a
robot vacuum cleaner, tested all available voice-input devices
for the home (such as the Amazon Echo and Google Home smart
speakers), and watched every Black Mirror episode, it
was voice control that excited Sony’s head of Magic Lab the
most. Marks thinks that a voice-enabled VR environment, perhaps
in the form of a procedurally-generated sandbox, where
practically any element could be changed at the user’s command,
“doesn’t seem very far away.”

Marks imagines a future where voice input technology is set
free in VR, limited only by the user’s imagination. He
describes a possible virtual environment that is partly
procedural, but containing finely-crafted areas created by
development teams where users would send…

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