What do programmers do when they work with Artificial Intelligence?


An example of code written in the C programming

I am in program management now which is more of a marketing
role, but when I was a software developer, here’s what I would

  • Use an editor to write code, in my case, using the C
    programming language.
  • Compile the code on my own PC that translated what I typed
    in into machine runnable instructions.
  • Run the code on my PC and make sure it was correct using
    test data that I created.
  • Submit my correct code to a source code repository.
  • A nightly build would compile my code, and
    code contributions from other developers.

My code would eventually make it into the hands of customers
when a nightly build was blessed by our QA team and shipped.
The customer would install the product and run it on their own
PCs. My compiled code would be part of that product.

An example of web page HTML code

Even though I now have a marketing role, when I was working
with our technology previews, my job involved some web
development. Here’s what I would do:

  • Use an editor to write web pages, in my case, using raw
    hypertext markup language (HTML).
  • View the HTML on my own PC with a browser. In the case
    of HTML, the browser interprets the HTML and displays the page
    on the screen.
  • Make sure the HTML looks correct and has no spelling
  • Copy my HTML to a publicly facing webserver, in my case,
    the Autodesk Feedback Community site where we host our
    technology previews.

My HTML made it into the hands of customers when they visited
one of the technology previews, and their browser made a
request to the web server using an URL, and the webserver
returned the HTML. The customer’s browser interpreted the HTML
on the customer’s PC (or phone or tablet) and
displayed the web page.

So I totally understand how desktop applications and web pages
are developed, deployed, and experienced by customers. So what
happens in the world of artificial intelligence (AI)?
What does a programmer do? What do customers do? I turned to
Director of Machine Learning, Mike Haley,
to find out.

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