BILT ANZ 2017, Day 0 International


Greetings from Adelaide! I’m writing this from my room on the
13th floor of the Stamford Plaza hotel–no unlucky-number
superstitions here in Oz! It’s a long way from home for me, but
the trip will be worth it, because BILT ANZ 2017 kicks off tomorrow morning.
(I was reminded tonight that it’s A-N-Zed, not A-N-Zee…I’ll
try to get it right but no guarantees.) I’m here as a
representative of AUGI, which means I’ll be blogging this week
about my experiences throughout the week. If you’re reading
this and are also at BILT, come say hello. I’d love to meet

This is my third time attending a BILT event (formerly known as
RTC), but my first time at one outside North America. I’m
really looking forward to seeing how the use of BIM in
Australia compares to BIM in the US–I expect there will be
plenty of similarities and differences.

I’m not speaking at this conference, which means I’ll have more
time to attend sessions! Most of the ones I’ve signed up for
are management-focused, because I think a lot of those topics
are pretty universal. But I also have a couple on estimation
and project delivery, and it’ll be fun to compare those methods
with the ones I’ve seen stateside.

Tune in tomorrow for a recap of Day 1!

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