New Galaxy S8 Deal Bundles Gear 360 For Only $49 Extra


Samsung released the pricing of its new Gear 360 camera,
selling it starting this week at $229.

A notable deal going live on May 25, though, might make the
Galaxy S8 and S8+ one of the best ways to get into VR for the
first time.

Customers purchasing one of the phones between May 25 and June
19 can get the new Gear 360 camera for just $49. Slashing $180
off the price of the camera makes this a very tempting deal for
getting a 360-degree camera and a single VR device that will
work with both Facebook’s Oculus platform through the Gear
VR and Google’s Daydream platform. A software update this
should add support
for Daydream to the S8 and S8+. It
already works with the Gear VR.

It’ll be a bit inconvenient to purchase both the Gear VR
headset ($129
with controller
) and a Daydream compatible one ($79 with
) but developers or curious folks who have been
interested in VR for a while have a pretty compelling reason to
start exploring now with a Samsung phone.

Developers in particular equipped with the S8 should finally be
able to use a single phone on which to develop apps for both
Google’s store as well as Facebook’s. When it comes to buying a
new phone there are a lot of things to consider that can
complicate buying decisions, but for someone looking to try out
VR for the first time the S8 will let people…

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