Oculus’ First Employee Leaves The Company


Chris Dycus, a hardware engineer at Facebook’s Oculus, has left
the company he helped establish.

Why is that important? Because Dycus (pictured above wearing an
early version of the Rift) was Oculus’ first employee outside
of founders like Brendan Iribe, Nate Mitchell, and the
now-departed Palmer Luckey. He joined the company in the start
up days of 2012, long before Facebook would got on to buy it up
in 2014. He was hired around the time of Oculus’ historic
Kickstarter campaign for the Rift VR headset, which ran from
early August to early September 2012 and raised over $2

So why is Dycus leaving? In a Facebook post, captured on
, he explained that he’d simply found another
opportunity that was too good to pass up.

“I would have gladly stayed at Oculus for at least a couple
more years, but this new job came up and it really sounds like
something I want to do,” he explained, adding that he misses
the start-up mentality of “everybody-does-everything”. Dycus
can’t, however, explain what he’s actually moving on to at this
point in time.

His departure doesn’t sound like its linked to other similar
events, then. Luckey left the company following controversy
surrounding supposedly funding a political smear campaign, just
a week before Hugo Barra started his new job as Facebook’s VP
of VR. Anna Sweet also left the…

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