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The excerpted and linked article below explores innovations in
the timber industry in Australia. Authored by David Chandler,
FAIB out of Sydney, Australia, the article serves as a reminder
of the global nature of innovation in the built industry.
Chandler, who is working to launch the new Center
4 Smart Modern Construction
at Western Sydney University,
also touches on issues related to integration and modernization
of the built industry. You can follow the link above to donate
to the cause and to learn more about the innovative new
Construction Management program the University is launching.

The recent WoodSolutions workshops on tall timber
buildings were a powerful indicator of just how fast and how
far the transformation of construction is going in Australia
and globally.

There were some impressive presentations and in their own
way, each showed evidence of these changes. The big
distinction in these presentations was that they were not
just vendor self-proclamations of their achievements. This
time we heard of independent measures.

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